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Fall is here and almost over. What should be done?

What can you do in the fall to help protect your yard and home.

#1-Removing your leaves. Yes, it is necessary for the health of your lawn to remove leaves off your grass in the fall. You can even mulch them and use them as fertilizer, but what you don't want to do is leave a bunch of leaves on your lawn. This causes your grass to not grow because it is being deprived of sunlight. Also, it can cause snow mold in the winter. Not a good thing for your lawn.

#2-Aeration. Aerate your lawn. This allows air, water, nutrients & seed to penetrate to the soil and grass roots & allows for a stronger more vigorous lawn. You do this before you seed.

#3-Over Seeding or New Lawn. The fall is a great time to seed over your grass after you aerate, if you feel your grass didn't come in as full as you'd like it to this year and to fill in some patches. Keep in mind you only want to over seed to fill in the patches and make your grass more full. A rule of thumb we use is if your lawn is in question of starting over or if you can save it by over seeding is if the grass is more than 50% in need of seeding and uncovered by grass you need to start over.

#4-Cleaning out the gutters. Make sure your gutters are not clogged. This will cause major problems for you when it rains and snows.

These are important things we feel all of our customers, family & friends should be aware of and if you don't have time that's why we are here and in this field of work. We want to help and advise your landscaping & outdoor home needs. Don't let one of your #1 assets deplete because of a few maintenance neglets.

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